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The article lists the necessary writing protocols to maintain while presenting the General Write for Us Guest Post article to the restaurantenavaja site.

Have you realized the beauty of the digital world where even a 5-year-old kid and a 70-year-old grandpa are using their internet mobile phones? It is true, and they are searching for their desired news and interests. So, to provide quality screen time for all age groups, our restaurantenavaja team has come up with the “General Write for Us Guest Post” that will address the interests of all people, regardless of their age groups.

Introduction to Our

The website is home to creative sources of information. We have the most efficient and skilled team, which double-checks every word before publishing it on our platform. Thus, it helps us emerge as one of the world’s most prominent content creation platforms.

Our articles, like General + Write for Us and news articles, have reached a wider audience because we stood by facts without siding with any team. So, we have gotten a huge number of genuine readers who have rendered their indefinite support to our works.

The topics covered here are,

  • Reviews of the Website and Product
  • News
  • Shopping and Gaming Tips
  • CBD
  • Digital currency
  • Health
  • Business
  • Travel

General Write for Us Articles Skillsets Requirement

General articles refer to the fact that they have to address all general people, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, or race. So, writers are obligated to choose useful topics because we want to give our readers quality screen time where they have to learn something new through our “Write for Us” + General article in their 5 minutes of reading time. So general topics of discussion can be from any genre under the sky. But don’t take it in an absolute manner. We are here to spread good information.

Education qualification: Since it is a general topic, anyone can contribute, but the subject knowledge is more sacrosanct here.

Experience: We expect fluency in the English language, so there is no need for mandatory prior English writing work skills.

Write for Us General article Samples and Suggestions

Our team has decided to help the writers in their selection of articles; the below-mentioned titles are the level of the spectrum of the topics to be covered by guest post contributors.

  • Articles for new moms like baby growth tips, innovative foods, etc.
  • Tips to enhance the reproductive and bone health of women
  • In “Write for Us” + “General”, the writers can examine the feminism principles and its associated myths and facts.
  • Current Financial Entities
  • Role of IoT in day-to-day life
  • Information about cryptocurrency
  • Modern ways and techniques to save the environment
  • Trending global news and its analysis
  • Insights into artificial intelligence in various industries

Write for Us + General articles Documenting Rules

  • Articles shouldn’t have any triggering statements or views that may hurt specific religions, gender, or racial groups.
  • We expect 100 % unique articles from the authors’ side, and to confirm that we request all the writers to send a screenshot of the plagiarism level along with the document while submitting. 
  • In the Write for Us+ General article, grammar and spelling errors should be corrected, and the Grammarly score for all the articles should not go below 98%.
  • The minimum and maximum word limits are 700 to 2000; don’t let the word breach this prescribed word limit.
  • There is no place for untrue information on our platform.

“Write for Us” + General articles SEO guidelines

  • The readability score also increases customer impressions, so the writer should use the required headings, titles, charts, images, etc.
  • Writers can include trending keywords in their articles, so ensure to highlight them.
  • It is a mandate to include the internal and external links at the end of the article.
  • The acceptable spam score is 4 to 5%.

Restaurantenavaja offerings to General + “Write for Us” writers

  • The restaurantenavaja team helps writers to learn about many real things in this profession, and we are open to answering their queries. 
  • Our team will give feedback and suggestions to improve the writer’s work if necessary.
  • All our posts are SEO-friendly, so they eventually attract more readers and get better rankings in Google searches.

Where to submit General “Write for Us” articles?

The guest post articles must be submitted through this mentioned Email Address:

No other ways of submission will be accepted from our side. So please take note of this mail address. Our editorial team handles all submissions so that they will respond within 24 hours for further doubts and clarifications.


The restaurantenavaja team has designed an easy guideline for our General Write for Us Guest Post contributors, so we expect them to adhere to that strictly. In case of any difficulties, we are here to assist the writers. But we expect some acknowledgment of our terms and conditions from the general topic writers’ side. Thank you. 

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