Health Paid Write for Us Guest Post: Submit All Guidelines!

Health Paid Write for Us Guest Post

The article deeply explains the guidelines to be used in presenting the Health Paid Write for Us Guest Post articles for the Restaurantenavaja team.

If we calculate the monthly spending of a normal household, the major share of their expenditure goes to medical bills. Due to pollution and excessive chemical usage, many people are experiencing minor health problems, which need to be addressed. So restaurantenavaja platform made a joint decision to publish the Health Paid Write for Us Guest Post for our everlasting readers, so we would invite talented and skilled professionals to present the articles.

About our platform

The website is known for its unique and innovative way of handling articles for our readers. Our reader community comprises of scholars, educators, retired professionals, business people, medical professionals, school students, and older people. We have provided quality content for all these groups of people through various genres, including Health Paid + Write for Us articles. Our articles are enriched with such good content that we are becoming a knowledge hub for people.

 Restaurantenavaja’s most popular niches are,

  • Websites and product reviews
  • Shopping Tips
  • Gaming tips
  • Business and industries
  • Health and exclusively more articles on women’s health
  • Digital currency
  • CBD
  • Technology
  • Money
  • Latest and trending news

Health Paid Write for Us articles expected Educational Qualifications and Skills

Health is a very important topic that no one can deny. So, it is our responsibility to present those articles in a more optimized and efficient way. Thus, it will be a health aid for our readers, like our mothers advising their children about health issues and trying to address them. The thing is, ourWrite for Us” + Health Paid guest post writers should have empathy toward our readers. And it has to be reflected in their articles.

  • Medical doctors and research scholars could contribute their experience in providing spotlight to the modern world’s health issues.
  • Economists or insurance advisors can help people by providing details about the current availability of insurance and how to opt for the perfect one to reduce the medical expenses of every household.

Write for Us Health Paid Articles: Topics of Suggestions

The writers are requested to look into the below-mentioned articles for reference. All these articles require a high level of education. So, we expect only the core subject professionals to present the content for these topics.

  • Innovations in treating cancer disease and its new medicines’ usage and prices
  • In the “Write for Us” + “Health Paid” article, the guest post writers are pleased to pick up topics related to curing psychological diseases. We are losing many valuable lives to this deadly disease.
  • Prevention techniques of all non-communicable diseases for youngsters
  • Healthy tips for the human body and mind
  • Uses of yoga exercises
  • Information on governmental health insurance

Write for Us + Health Paid articles and Editing Guidelines

  • If the guest post writers share any helpline numbers, please try to provide legit and reachable numbers.
  • The article’s word count should not exceed 2000 words, irrespective of the depth of the topic. Avoid writing longer paragraphs and cutting them into lists or snippets so that it will help to reduce the length of the article.
  • Write for Us+ Health Paid articles should be 100% original and unique. Copied or stolen content will attract severe rejection without any second thoughts.
  • All the content should be medically and grammatically correct. And the Grammarly score should be above 98%, compulsorily.
  • The article should have a good readability score of at least 80 %. To increase, the writers can use illustrations, images, bullets, etc.

 “Write for Us” + Health Paid articles SEO technique Inclusion Rules

  • Authors should incorporate the necessary primary and secondary keywords in their article but must relate to their chosen title.
  • The guest post authors should highlight the used keywords,
  • The threshold spam value is 3–6%; every author should ensure to maintain it.
  • Appropriate internal and external links have to be included.

Availing benefits for Health Paid + “Write for Us” writers 

  • Our Restaurantenavaja team has a wider audience base so that, eventually, every reader will get the same amount of exposure to their works, which will be a major benefit for authors.
  • And our SEO principles and implementation techniques will make the author’s work stand out from the crowd.

Submission rules for Health Paid “Write for Us” articles 

Interested people have to submit their completed documents to this Mail Address: [email protected].

For any editing and formatting suggestions, the writers can ask for this editorial team’s contact mail address. They will try to reach you within 48 hours.


The selection process will be wholly based on the quality and presentation of the article. And the selection updates will be conveyed to the Health Paid Write for Us Guest Post writers without fail. But after selection, the articles will undergo some modifications if necessary. All the guest post contributors should check this important point before submission. Come forward to create a Healthy world, physically and psychologically.

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