Is Bella Trends Co Legit (Aug 2021) Read Before Buying!

Is Bella Trends Co Legit (Aug 2021) Read Before Buying!

Is Bella Trends Co Legit (Aug 2021) Read Before Buying! >> Your free guide to check the website’s legitimacy provides the most wanted and popular products with chic details.

What happens if you shop from a scandalous website? Your all hard earn money can go to the drain. But, here, you can get to know about the checking of legitimacy for free. People living Worldwide are looking for a shop for buying multiple products.

So, here we are introducing a website for you that is Bella Trends. But, before buying their products, you must analyze the precise details for knowing Is Bella Trends Co Legit or not if you are in any way interested in buying the chicest clothes and shoes. You must read the article till the end.

Whether To Buy From Bella Trends – Legitimacy Check

  •  Life Length Domain – The website’s age is unbelievably short; the site was just created two days ago. Only two days are not worth taking the risk of investing your money on the website.
  • Trust Score – For checking the amount of confidence, we checked it, and the trust score was only 1% which is a substantial negative sign.
  •  Customer Viewpoint – We found multiple reviews on the website, but the Bella Trends Co Reviews are too good to be true. Moreover, the reviews are only present on the website, not anywhere else about it.
  • Ranking – The website doesn’t have a good ranking for the popularity index; the popularity is mainly checked upon customers’ traffic.
  • Plagiarized Content – Bella trends has copied most of their content; around 67% of their work is copied from scandalous websites.
  •  Policies – The most suspicious factor of the website, they lack in providing crucial information like a refund, exchange, payment or return.
  • Address –We were looking for their physical address for checking Is Bella Trends Co Legit. The company seems dubious because they have failed in providing their address.
  • Social Media Accounts – No, they don’t have any presentation or presentable accounts on social media handles. It has multiple negative signs, including this.
  • Owner’s information – They have not provided any information about the creator of Bella Trends on their website
  • Unrealistic discounts – They have priced their products extremely low, which is too good to be true. But, of course, this might be just a factor to lure the customers.

Bella Trends 

Bella Trends is an e-commerce website selling unique products but look for the Bella Trends Co Reviews first before directly buying their products. Because without analyzing our article, you might get stuck in a vicious scam. We don’t want that for you. The site sells chic clothes that are high on demand, like the diva collection, activewear and much more. So stay connected to know what more does the area has to offer.

Specifications of Site

  • Domain Creation– 10th August 2021
  • Website link-
  • Products – The company sells from activewear to chic clothes like dresses or diva collections for women of all sizes.
  • Email – the site has not provided the email address; you can even check that Is Bella Trends Co Legit.
  • Address – not provided.
  • Contact number – not available.
  • Payment Modes – G Pay, VISA, Master Card, are available.
  • Return Policy – not clarified by the site.
  •  Exchange Policy – not mentioned anywhere.
  • Refund Policy – not given.
  • Shipping and Delivery Policy – from 7-30 days.
  • Social Media icons Presence – They don’t have any accounts.


  • The company has provided a vast size guide.
  • The variety of the product is wide and chic.


  • The site has a high chance of being a scam as it is very new.
  • Bella Trends have failed in providing any information, be it about us or their contact details.
  • The reviews are looking deceptive.

Analyzing Reviews To Determine Is Bella Trends Co Legit

The site has 9-10 reviews, and all of them have rated the products 10-10. After launching the site just two days ago, such ratings are impossible. According to the survey, such reviews are a sign of deception to the customers, as per critic reviews like and according to the survey.

 The site has maximum signs like a scandalous website. They don’t have any reviews nor any social media sites to prove themselves.


The answer is no to your question Is Bella Trends Co Legit or not. 

We don’t advise you to buy from them, as they look like a scandalous website to lure people with discounts. Did you see similar scandalous websites before? Comment Below –

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