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Latest News Is The Ghost Of Kyiv Dead

This article elaborated on an attack conducted by a Ukrainian pilot that led to the destruction of six Russian aircraft. Read on Is The Ghost Of Kyiv Dead.

Are you eager to know about a Ukrainian pilot and his aerial activities against the Russian aircraft? If so, read this article until the end that elaborates all the relevant data and information associated with the topic mentioned above.

Social media users Worldwide are thrilled and excited by the heroic real-life activity executed by the MiG-29 pilot.

After various social media posts from famous politicians and journalists, the pilot became popular. Read more about Is The Ghost Of Kyiv Dead.

Who is Ghost of Kyiv?

Ghost of Kyiv is a popular name given by social media users to the Ukrainian pilot who is trending on the social media platforms for taking down six Russian aircraft that entered Ukraine.

The Ghost of Kyiv is known to fly MiG-29 aircraft, and the Russian flights got taken down on 24th February 2022. A tweet from the former Ukrainian president played a crucial role in providing popularity for Ghost of Kyiv. In addition to that, the spirit of the Ukrainian pilot also helped encourage other soldiers and citizens.

 Is The Ghost Of Kyiv Dead?

  • As of now, there are no official statements or announcements from the government officials confirming the death of the Ghost of Kyiv.
  • The government officials also didn’t make statements that validated the actual existence of the Ghost of Kyiv. 

Tweets on Ukrainian pilot

  • Former Ukrainian presidentPetro Poroshenko’s tweet, played an essential role in the popularity of Ghost of Kyiv.
  • Petro posted about the destruction of six Russian aircraft by a single MiG-29 pilot. In addition to that, he also posted the Ukrainian pilot’s picture and the tweet. Learn more on Is The Ghost Of Kyiv Dead.
  • Petro’s tweet became an instant hit, as all the major activities associated with the Russian Invasion on Ukrainian soil are heavily discussed and monitored on social media platforms.
  • His Tweet got retweeted rapidly and received hundreds of comments praising the talent and commitment of the pilot. 
  • Petro’s tweet also helped depict the Ukrainian forces’ strength and courage.

Official Statements about Ghost of Kyiv

  • Ukrainian Defense Ministry claims that the MiG-29 pilot, popularly known as Ghost of Kyiv as an experienced pilot enrolled for the aerial attack on Russian invader aircraft.So, let’s check “Is The Ghost Of Kyiv Dead”?
  • Commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian air force confirms the destruction of six Russian aircraft on the initial day of the war started by Russia.
  • Ukrainian Security Services confirmed the destruction of 10 Russian aircraft by the Ghost of Kyiv. The confirmation post got posted from the official Facebookpage on 27th February 2022.


The current status for Ghost of Kyiv is not yet available, and officials haven’t announced the death of the famous Ukrainian pilot. To learn more about the topic mentioned above, feel free to visit.

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