Is Zingshoes.RU Legit {Mar 2022} Comprehensive Reviews!

Zingshoes.RU Online Website Reviews

Inside this article, we find for Is Zingshoes.RU Legit and keep our mind neutral for evaluating all legitimacy regarding the webpage.

A good dress-up is not fulfilled without a proper shoe. And we know that every person wants branded stylish shoes. Therefore there is a great offer for you. In this festival season, we all want gifts for our family, friends, relatives etc. If we get the shoes online and get them into our doorstep, that will be more fruitful. Persons are from the United States, and few other counties can make the order with the help of this e-commerce website. So we will have to know Is Zingshoes.RU Legit?

Is Zingshoes.RU a Genuine Site?

Underneath are some of their points to find the website’s legitimacy. So let’s have a look.

  • Website Age: 12th August 2020 this webpage is not older.
  • Trust score: The trust score of the website is just 27%
  • Social Media Connection: Found several social media platforms.
  • Email ID’s legitimacy is there, but it is hard to say about their legitimacy.
  • The originality of the product: Every item found is distinct.
  • The owner identification: No owner identification found inside the webpage.
  • Zingshoes.RU Reviews: There is no sign that this site is legit because their particular reviews are not found from their customer end.
  • Contact address legitimacy: No contact details are not found inside the webpage to contact them.
  • Return & exchange procedure: There are options for return and exchange option inside their home page, but the option could not be open. Only inside the purchase column will you see the options. 
  • Refund policy: Yes, they have a refund policy.

What is Zingshoes.RU?

Zingshoes.RU is an e-commerce website where people can buy shoes as they want. There are many offers and promo codes for their buyers during this Christmas eve, which raises a question: Is Zingshoes.RU Legit? This website sells many branded shoes(Nike, Air Jordan etc.) at an attractive price. If you want to know more details about the web page, you must read our article thoroughly.

Specification of this website:

  • Domain creation date: 12th August 2020
  • Website URL
  • Webpage type: On this website, they sell various branded shoes.
  • Customer support email ID: [email protected]
  • Presence of social media: Yes, there are found social media presence.
  • Contact address: No address was found inside their homepage, so need to know, Is Zingshoes.RU Legit?
  • Whatsapp number: +852 4615 0849
  • Product currency: USD
  • Product shipping policy: A product shipping policy is available.
  • Return Policy: Yes, the return policy is there.
  •  Payments option: Yes, there are various payment options.
  •  HTTP Certified or not: HTTP protocol detected.

From the above factors this is not looking legit, but we need to still look-up into positive and negative aspects so that we can have a crystal-clear picture of this website, and can take an unbiased conclusion. 

PROS to know Is Zingshoes.RU Legit?

  • Every size of shoe is available here. 
  • Product selling at a reasonable price.
  • Details of the products are displayed in a good manner.
  • The product’s graphical user interface is very clear to understand. 
  • The reviews option is also there.


  • Although product reviews are there but do not differentiate with their item list.
  • Shipping and return options are there, but unable to open that.
  • The trust score of the website is only 27%.
  • Warranty & Guarantees for the product are not displayed.

Zingshoes.RU Reviews:

As per our research we are unable to get the reviews for this website but we do find many WhatsApp screenshots on the reviews section for this portal. So, from this we cannot say that the present reviews are genuine or not. So we also recommend our readers to prefer only trusted portals for your online shopping.

In addition to this, we also suggest our readers know details on Credit Card Scams.

Final Decision:

After researching the web page’s details, we found many good and bad reviews from trusted websites. And we also notice some points inside their official webpage. So this seems hard to say: Is Zingshoes.RU Legit or not. 

So as per our concern, they need some time to make trust over them, then you will purchase. If you have any thoughts, then please leave a comment below. 

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