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What is Jamilah Habsaoui Origine? Read all the details in the article here and get to know about the case properly.

Jamilah Habsaoui is the Mayor of the Avallon. Recently, she was surrounded with a lot of questions after 70 Kg of cannabis was found at her home. People from around the Worldwide were shocked to hear about the case. 

Jamilah Habsaoui Wikipedia             

We have tried to search for Jamilah’s Wikipedia page. However, there is no official Wikipedia page for Avallon’s Mayor. Jamilah is the centre of attraction after the scandal of 70 Kg of cannabis found at her residence.

Along with Jamilah, her two brothers are also under the radar of suspicion. Police have arrested Jamilah and her two brothers. Along with the cannabis, many illegal things were also found at the place. 

She is currently the mayor of the commune Avallon. The people of her jurisdiction are trying to gather as much information related to her as possible. The case is related to the trafficking of the illegal substances. 

The authorities were in search of the things confiscated from the Mayor’s home for weeks. The investigating team from the Avallon Gendarmerie research brigade took seven people in custody after they found cannabis resin at the Mayor’s house. As per sources, around Seven thousand euros in cash was also found at her home, along with other things. 

Jamilah Habsaoui Wikipedia
Jamilah Habsaoui Wikipedia

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More Details Into The Case

The investigation team, the Gendarmerie brigade, suspected an extensive trafficking of illegal substances. Thus, they investigated according to their hints and other details. 

The authorities have suspected Mayor Jamilah for a long time. However, nothing proved it. This time, they succeeded in finding out the substance.

Jamilah’s workplace, her home, and a pharmacy (related to the case) were searched. The authorities seized the house of the Mayor. The discovery was made on Sunday, April 7, 2024. 

At the house where the cannabis was found, Jamilah’s brother and father reside in that house. Two brothers of Jamilah have also been taken into custody for interrogation. People from the local community want to know what will happen next. 

This case has caused a lot of uproar in the community and among the locals. The commune of Avallon is in the Yonne department in the central-eastern region of France. Jamilah is a native of the place. 

People from the Avallon community trusted her because she was their person. She was one of them. 

Details About Jamilah Habsaoui

Jamilah Habsaoui is 45 years old and the current Mayor of the Avallon commune in the Yonne department. She assumed the office in 2021 (until 2026). 

Formerly, she was part of the Socialist Party. After that, Jamilah left the party in 2017. Jamilah also has a position in the Burgundy Franche-Comte as the regional councillor. 

Before joining politics, Jamilah was a Pharmacy Technician at a local pharmacy. She joined politics around five years ago. More details related to her education need to be discovered. 

Jamilah’s Origin & More

Any of her very personal details are not disclosed in public. No page on the internet has her personal information. 

Jamilah Habsaoui kept her personal life very private. She was formerly a Pharmacy Technician. Other than this, any details regarding her Jamilah are not known. Thus, her origin has yet to be discovered.

But, we have assumed that Jamilah belongs to the Avallon community. However, things are still being determined.

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