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The article’s main aim is to find out the preliminary information about Kam 50 Con and try to find out its user manual.      

Do you want to watch Bengali dramas online? If yes, you can watch the Bengali serial online via a Bangladeshi website. 

The name of the website is Kam50. The website offers popular drama and serial on the website. Meanwhile, the website gets massive response among the audiences Worldwide. 

So, we need to provide more information about the website of Kam 50 Con. Now let’s focus on the knowledge of the website and its features. 

The Primary Information about the Website

Our research finds that the website is accessible on “Bing”, “Google”, and other famous web tools.  The site is also famous for many views and users from Bangladesh. Many audiences are already login into the website to watch the favourable television drama. 

The most crucial point is that the viewers also easily watch Indian Bengali Television dramas on the site. Our exclusive research says that the website offers much Indian Bengali language drama. 

The Basic Data of Kam50 Com Kam50 Cm

Our research finds out some critical data about the website. The information will help you to understand the website quickly. 

  • Domain Name- Kam50.com
  • Url – www.kam50.com.
  • Rank- 8466059 (Alexa) 
  • Date of Introduction- 03/12/2021
  • Expiree date- 03/12/2022
  • Location of the server- California, USA. 
  • The Traffic Country- Bangladesh
  • Website interface- Download
  • The name of the WebHost- Google LLC, AS15169
  • IP Address of the website-
  • The server’s name- dns1.swadhin.us and dns2.swadhin.us
  • Longitude of the website- -122.0775
  • Latitude of the website- 37.4056
  • The Register name of the website- PDR Ltd. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry.com

Note- The above information is taken from sources on the internet. 

How to Use Kam 50 Con

Do you know the methods or the using procedures of the website? Our extensive research finds out some basic information about the using functions of the website. 

The following discussion can help you know the site’s user manual. 

  1. You can open it on your personal computer via “Google” or any popular search engine as a user. 
  2. Now on the address bar of the search engine, you can put the website address. 
  3. Now click the enter key. 
  4. The user can see the website is opened. 
  5. Now the user needs to search the “Menu” of the Portal. 

It is the user method of Kam50 Com Kam50 Cm

Why is the Portal so popular? 

As per our research, the website is so popular that it offers many categories of Bengali drama from India. Besides this, the users can watch all the episodes of the television serials absolutely free. 

That is the reason the name of the Portal is trending among the audiences. 


Many people are asking about the legitimacy of the website. But as per our research, we don’t find any data that challenges the website’s legitimacy. 

But yes, the expert suggestion is before you want to use the website, you should check all the available information about Kam 50 Con and use it after the satisfactory conclusion. 

For more details, you can also check the official website of Kam 50

Do You Want to Watch Bengali Drama on this site? Please comment. 

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