Lantern Trials Fortnite Com: New Event 2024 On Website, How To Win Challenge

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The post details the Lantern Trials Fortnite com Website for the 2024 event and the steps to complete the challenges.

The Lantern Trials Fortnite game is back again, and people Worldwide are excited about the game. Players can earn maximum rewards by completing the challenges, and we will let them know how to earn free rewards.

Lantern Trials has made its comeback before the festive season of Ramadan, and players across the globe are excited for the Lantern Fest 2024 once again. Different game formats are provided for the players to complete the challenges and earn extra points by crossing the hurdles. 

However, we have come across a new set of challenges called the Lantern Trials so that they can competent battle royals and free rewards. We have provided the steps below on how to complete all the challenges. 

Lantern Trials Fortnite com

Lantern Trials 2024 has thrilled the players in the season of Ramadan, where the game is playing tribute with a particular round of challenges and rewards to make the festival season more enjoyable. 

Once you are done logging in to your Epic Games account where you play Fortnite, you will receive a reward instantly, but the rest of the rewards will be only unlocked by crossing all the challenges provided in the game. 

Although it may sound easy to cross the storm circle, surviving in the game is a hectic task, and earning rewards takes time. However, those who know how to play the game can survive the challenges and win maximum rewards.

About Lantern Trials Fortnite com
About Lantern Trials Fortnite com

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Fortnite Lantern Trials 2024

There are several steps to play the Lantern Trials 2024. The first and most crucial step is to visit the website and log into your account. Once you have successfully logged in to your account, you will receive a disco baller spray as a reward. 

The players’ progress will be continuously tracked while they play games such as Battle Royal Zero Build and others, and for every challenge they survive, the players will receive one badge each.

Players can also get free rewards during the event, where the first reward is automatically provided to the players as soon as they log into their Epic Games account. 

Fortnite Lantern Trials Website

The Lantern Trials Fortnite can be played by logging into their website and signing in to the Epic Games account that the players have made to play the game and complete the quest. 

The game is only available till 7th April 2024, so the players only have a little time to complete all the quests, so they need to speed up their game. The players receive an 11-night blade pickaxe by completing 50 storm circles. 

Also, the players receive six moonlit peace weapon wraps by completing 25 storm circles. These three badges are given as a reward in the game, along with the disco baller spray, which is unlocked automatically. 

Fortnite Lantern Trials Website
Fortnite Lantern Trials Website

Ways to complete the Lantern Trials Challenge

It takes several trials to complete the game and rewards for this event. Players must keep a complete and regular track of the Lantern Trial Fortnite game. The methods to complete the quest are already mentioned in the above sections. 

Players who play different games will find it easier to complete the quest than some previously released events. Earning badges is also accessible in the 2024 event, and the players only need to survive this term circle in the game. 

People who wish to know more about Lantern Trials Fortnite game 2024 can visit the official website and other informative websites where the complete steps to play the game are mentioned.

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