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Read exclusive facts about Money-Making Apps. Check a few legit Money Making Apps Without Investment 2022.

Are you looking to earn money by using your mobile phone (or) computer? But, they require you to reach a set amount for withdrawing money. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, you are prompted to invest for upgrading your level and for withdrawal. Within three months of investment, the application stops processing payments and shuts down. 

This article will cover exclusive facts and genuine details of Genuine Money Making Apps Without Investment 2022.

How do Fake Money-Making Applications work?

  • The minimum withdrawal limit and the investment for upgrading membership are based on statistics that will let the Money-Making App PAY OTHER USERS from your investment.
  • The THREE TO SIX MONTHS lifespan of the Money-Making App is also based on statistics that will allow it to scam millions of users and run away with millions of Rupees. 
  • Such Money-Making Apps AVOID presence on social media apps.
  • Such apps try to OBTAIN your bank details (AVOIDS payment on third-party apps like PayPal) at the time of registration.
  • They promote their apps by posting positive feedback by FAKE GROUP MEMBERSon chats. 
  • Unlike genuine Money making apps, apps with EXTENSIVE referral programs are also considered fake.
  • All these measures make the Money-Making App UNTRACEABLE once it is shut down.

Few Genuine Money Making Apps:


  • Crownit is an application that pays its users for giving surveys, uploading bills, and playing games.
  • Crownit offers 20 rupees to 300 Rupees for giving an online survey. 
  • For video surveys and feedback, it pays between 700 to 1500 Rupees. 
  • Crownit rewards users for playing games and for uploading bills.
  • It rewards its users with Amazon gift cards and Crowns. 
  • Two Crowns are equal to one Rupee. 
  • Crowns can be redeemed for mobile phone recharges, ordering food, etc. 

Google Opinion Rewards a Money Making Apps Without Investment 2022:

  • You need to import and register on Google Opinion Rewards.
  • The application pays its users to give surveys and perform small tasks like taking pictures of a location near their residence. 
  • Google extensively utilizes information obtained from surveys and tasks. 
  • The payments are sent to the PayPal account. 
  • You can earn between $1 to $4 per survey and approximately $56 per month.

Kolotibablo, MegaTypers, and 2captcha app:

  • These are three platforms on which you can earn by solving captcha images. 
  • Your income depends on your typing speed and working between specific time frames.
  • You can earn between $133 to $200 per month.
  • During peek EST, you can earn $0.80 to $0.95 for typing 1000 words correctly. 
  • But, if your accuracy is low, your account will be blocked. 
  • The payments are processed via PayPal. 


Please note that Money-Making Apps that offer between 500 to 5000 rupees per day for performing simple tasks (or) for working LESS THAN ONE HOUR are fake. You can make a maximum of $200.00 monthly on a genuine Money-Making App ON YOUR OWN. For higher earnings, you need to consider marketing apps that require investments. All these details on Money Making Apps Without Investment 2022 are based on data accumulated from online sources, we are not in favour of any application.

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