Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now? What Is The Verdict Update? What Did He Stated In Bailiff? Read On His Sentence Info!

Latest News Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now

This article gives every detail about the Renard Spivey case and tells the readers about the present situation of Renard and Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now.

Are you here because you want to know everything about Renard Spivey? Recently, a name has been trending on the internet as everyone wants to know about him. The United States, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Ireland, and Canada users want to know about Renard.

If you are looking for the same, read this article to the end to know Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now and other related factors. 

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Who is Renard Spivey?

Let’s start with basic information like who is Renard Spivey and about his personal and professional life. 

Renard Spivey is a convict who is accused of the murder of his wife and sentenced to jail. The whole incident occurred in 2019, and it’s long been since no one has the information about him. He was 63 years old when he was charged with the murder of his wife Patricia Spivey, who was 52 years old, and the whole incident happened on Briscoe Street. 

What was Renard Spivey Sentence?

Renard Spivey was accused of murdering his wife Patricia, and the news was in trend because Renard was a deputy at that time. Any official body does not yet disclose accurate information regarding the sentence he is facing. 

The whole scenario occurred when both husband-and-wife fight over an argument and Renard’s infidelity and his use of different steroids. Things turn sideways when Renard pulls out his gun, and they got a fight over the gun. During the dispute, the gun was fired, resulting in Patricia’s death and leaving Renard with a broken leg. 

Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now?

It is said that Renard is spending his sentence in Harris Country Jail, and we don’t know how many more years he has to spend there because of this crime. As no specific information is mentioned regarding his sentence, we cannot say much about it. 

Renard Spivey Personal Information

Full Name Renard Spivey
Wife’s Name  Patricia Spivey
Occupation Deputy with Harris Country Sheriff’s Department
Height 6’2″ (1.88m)
Residence Houston, Texas
Age  63
Son/Daughter A daughter with Patricia name Patrina Marshall
Tv shows Christina’s Court, Corruption Govt. and Married Men and Single Women

Complete information on Renard and Patricia Case

For Renard Spivey Verdict Update, let’s find out the complete information on Renard and his wife’s case and the complete scenario. The whole scene starts when they have problems regarding bed issues in their relationship. The wife suspects that Renard is having an affair or he’s back on steroids.

After the he shoot down his wife, Renard called 911 to report the situation, and the officials arrived at the scene. They saw Renard with a broken leg and found the body of Patricia in the bedroom closet. 

He were also seen in a few TV shows he stated that he and his sister were having trouble with Patricia. He was the star of a show called Renard Spivey Bailiff, where he talked about his side of the story. 

Who arrested Renard Spivey?

As per the information, the officer who arrested Renard Spivey and gave an interview to the media regarding the whole situation was an HPD asst. Chief Jim Jones. In his interview, it is seen that 3 bullet shells were collected from the crime scene. 

Who was at home during the time of the shooting?

Apart from Renard and Patricia, Patricia’s father was at home during the incident, but after interrogation, he said that he didn’t see or hear anything. We are not sure Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now as the information regarding his case is not updated anywhere. 

What was the Medical Examiner’s report?

The medical examiner’s report of the situation says that the victim Patricia Spivey was shot twice. One of the bullets went through the right arm, and the second one was fired at her chest, which got stuck in the heart resulting in death. 

Some bruising was found on her hand, which indicates the domestic violence among the couple, and Patricia’s brother Ezra Washington confirms that they are having problems in their relationship.

Final Words

After getting everything regarding the Renard Spivey case and Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now, we can say that the whole situation is unbearable and the government should take strict actions towards the convict

What do you think about the whole situation? Please share your views with us in the comment section.

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