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About General Information Write For Us + Creative Writing

Write For Us + Creative Writing is a comprehensive guide for writing creative writing guest posts on Restaurantenavaja com.

Are you a skilled writer and want to share your experience with an individual looking for an article on creative writing? Digital space has created many opportunities for writers and individuals to search for posts that will guide them to write quality articles.

Restaurantenavaja com invites contributors from the creative writing field to join its Write For Us + Creative Writing initiative and connect with visitors on its platform.

Who are we?

Restaurantenavaja is a digital media player that publishes informative and authentic articles in categories like reviews, cryptocurrency and news.

Website reviews contain legit details of online stores, and shoppers use them to check the legitimacy of the e-commerce platform. Crypto coin-related updates can be found in the cryptocurrency section, while the news section has an update on current events.

Write For Us Creative Writing Guest Post Guidelines:

  • The article should have a minimum length of 500 words, while maximum can go up to 1000 words.
  • Two links should be connected to the blog at a suitable place.
  • The article should not contain grammatical errors, while a Grammarly score of 99+ is expected.
  • The article should be 100% original with no plagiarism.
  • Proper distance between two keywords should be maintained with a density of one percent of the Write for Us Creative Writing content.
  • Website links with a malware score of greater than 3% must be avoided.
  • 90% of the article should be written in an active voice.
  • Write an SEO- friendly article for a higher rank in SERP.

Benefits for the Contributors:

  • They will be able to share their writing skills with a 10000+ audience regularly combing on our website.
  • Targeted keywords will be given for the Creative Writing “Write For Us” guest blog.
  • Skilled writers can write informative articles for their targeted audience.
  • The post will get a regular traffic flow as it will remain active on Restaurantenavaja com.
  • The SEO team will optimize the post to get maximum ranking in organic results of search engines.

Application procedure for creative writing guest post:

Contributors interested in writing for the creative writing guest blog can contact our team at [email protected].

Final verdict:

Write For Us + “Creative Writing” guest post is a unique opportunity for skilled writers and contributors from creative writing field  to join our blog post initiative and connect with thousands of audiences coming on Restaurantenavaja com. 

Contributors with any query related to the guest post can reach our team at the e-mail mentioned above.

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