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In this post, we have discussed the Zambian Meat site, a forum where people discuss their desires and the Zambian Meat Case.         

Have you read the Zambian Meat’ Forum? Did you know it was linked to a cannibalism case? Would you like to learn more regarding it? If that’s the case, read on.

Zambian Meats site is growing increasingly well-known Worldwide because it is alleged to be related to a brutal cannibalism case. People ought to know more about the cannibalism case and the forum. So, in this article, we will discuss the Zambian Meat site and the Zambian Meat Case

What Is Zambian Meat?

The Zambian Meat website is a network of individuals united by a sadistic viewpoint, a brutal approach to life, and a different outlook on life. On the site, individuals discuss various assumptions, desires, and thinking among the other individuals in the Zambian Meat community. 

There have been speculations that people on the Zambian Meat site like to converse over extreme topics like cannibalism, which involves killing and consuming a living being of one’s own species. Since the site has been inactive for a while, we don’t know much about it. The above speculation is based on police statements in a cannibalism case.

What is the Zambian Meat Cannibalism Case? 

A German man, who was also a police worker named Detlev Guenzel, was charged with murdering and chopping up a man. The Guenzel and the man met on a cannibalism site, and they shared their cannibalism fantasy. The man always had a fantasy of being murdered and eaten up.

The Dresden Police Department analyzed the case and charged Guenzel for murdering the man. The accused eventually admitted his crime and was found guilty. 

Though we don’t know much about the case, according to a statement by German police, the two men met on a site named Zambian Meat. 

This Zambian Meat Case shocked the world. During a police investigation, Guenzel admitted his guilt. As per officials, Guenzel said to the police that the man asked Guenzel to kill him. They were in contact with each other for months on emails, phone calls and chats.

Eventually, they met at Dresden train station and went to Guenzel’s place in the Ore mountains. And Guenzel eventually completed the man’s fantasy. First, he tortured the man and killed him. Then, after killing him, he chopped up his body parts and dumped them in the backyard of his garden, as per official statements.

This case has brought the Zambian Meat Forum to the spotlight. After the German’s case, the forum has been under scrutiny because it is where the accused and the victim met. The Zambian Meat website has been inactive for a long time. Not much information can be extracted about the website. So, the role of the site is still unknown. 


There is no data on Zambian Meat at the moment, and the website currently does not function. However, as per police reports, the men met via the site. Visit this News Website  for more.

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