Find Newprofilepicture Com Play Store Details: Is This App Scam Or On Facebook? Find App On Play Store For Android!

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Newprofilepicture Com Play Store is the new artificial intelligence-based profile pic changing app. We will discuss how you can also use it.

Do you want your mood to be reflected on your social media platform? Yes, everybody like to express their feeling on social media by writing lengthy or short texts.

But what if you can show your mood by changing the profile picture? Wow! That’s a great idea, isn’t it? That is why NewProfilePicture has become a favorite app for people across the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

So, have you heard about it? Whatever your answer is, let us discuss it on Newprofilepicture Com Play Store.

Introduction to NewProfilePic:

People nowadays do many things to gain attention to them. And if you are a social media lover, there is an innovative app on the play store which you can try to be different and surprise friends. NewProfilePic uses the latest AI technologies with a huge collection of styles and ideas using which you can impress, stand out, and portray what your mood is!

It is an amazing app updated on 6th April 2022, which has 4.8 ratings and is offered by Linerock investments Ltd. The app has gotten all attention because of the creativity level of favorite selfies.

How can you use it for Android?

  • First, you need to visit the Play store; you should type NewProfilePic: Profile Picture.
  • Upon installing the app, you need to open it.
  • While using the app, either you can upload a photo of your choice or capture a new one.
  • Grant permissions as required.
  • Next, upload that picture to the app.
  • Choose from various styles, moods, and designs available on the app.
  • You can edit and modify the picture using AI technology, which the app boasts the most.
  • Whatever your choice is app will create that perfect profile photo for you.

Is New Profile Pic App Scam?

No, the app is not a scam, but you need to understand a few things. Firstly, developers claim that you can use the app for free, but in free to use version, there is limited functionality. However, if you subscribe or purchase, you can enjoy full functionality. Next, consider more points:

  • Website Origin: 30th April 2022
  • Trust score: 1%
  • Protocol: Following HTTPS Protocols.
  • Website popularity: the popularity of Newprofilepicture Com is medium.

The app got popular and people started searching it on google as a website Newprofilepicture Com. The result landed them on a dummy website. So, the difference here is you get the App On Play Store, not on the search engine.

So, now it is your call to decide whether you like to use this app or not.

Final words:

NewProfilePic now has millions of installs within a few weeks of its launch. The app provides you the choice of custom-designed filters, cartoon portraits, fancy art effects, celebrity style images, and more to transform the picture according to the mood. If you also want to install and set your AI-driven profile picture, click here to install it on your device. 

When are you changing your Facebook profile picture using NewProfilePic App? Please comment down.

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