Importance of Intro Video and How to Make It

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Importance of Intro Video: According to a Forbes survey, the average internet user devotes 88% more time on a website having video than one without. It’s not a surprise that video has turned out to be one of the most effective business trends. In recent years, video has redefined content consumption. Video content helps to increase consumer engagement and drive traffic to your site. Viewers also retain 95% of the content message they watch on video in comparison to 10% when they read it in text form. With so much going right for video content, you must be wondering what’s the need for an intro video after all?

Well, the average attention span of humans is on a decline. At present, it is about 8 seconds. After this short span, people generally begin losing their concentration. Also, 20% of the viewers abandon the average video within the first 10 seconds. To assure that your audience continues watching your video instead of skipping it, you need to generate their interest. This is where intro videos come in as the game-changers.

What Is an Intro Video?

An intro video introduces the audience to what your business is all about and helps in creating a first impression. It provides a snapshot of your brand and how it functions. Such videos make the audience aware of the service or product your brand provides and why they should opt for it. In other words, an intro video establishes the first connection with the target audience. It is meant to capture the attention of the audience and leave them asking for more. That is why intro videos are kept highly engaging but short, usually 30 to 60 seconds long.

Let’s delve deeper into the importance of intro videos.

Why Is an Intro Video Important for Your Business?

You need to create high-quality intro videos for your business due to several reasons, such as:

  • To Increase Brand Awareness

Intro videos are your key to enhancing your brand awareness. If you notice, you will realize that all major retailers in the e-commerce sector use intro videos to boost their brand awareness efforts. What’s more, they use professional intro makers for this purpose. Their underlying aim is to connect with the audience at an emotional level and express the personality of their business. By using intro videos, you can convey the distinct features of your business.

  • To Enhance Brand Recall Value

When you incorporate branded information in your intro videos, it helps to increase your brand recall value. By creating engaging videos, you provide a means for your viewers to identify your work quickly. This is a crucial step as far as branding campaigns are concerned. It aids in building customer loyalty. This, in turn, paves the way for achieving your marketing goals faster. The videos also establish the tone for all interactions with your audience in the future.

  • To Stay Ahead of the Competition

Videos are the preferred choice of marketing professionals. No less than 87% of marketing professionals use videos to grab the attention of the audience. Online traffic statistics show that videos are effective in drawing 300% more traffic in comparison to other popular content marketing mediums. As per a survey, online videos are expected to attract over 82% of all traffic over the internet in the current year. So, if you want to keep your business ahead of the competition, there’s no way to ignore video content.

By incorporating video content on your landing page, you can increase your conversion rate by as much as 80%. Besides, if your website has videos on it, the chance of it ranking on Google’s front-page increases by 53x. Interestingly, more than 50% of online consumers look for relevant videos when making a purchase decision. This means by creating engaging videos for your products you are likely to increase your consumer base. Given that video marketing has grown into such a huge online phenomenon, now the emphasis has shifted to intro videos to hook the audience.

Now that you are aware of the significance of intro videos, the next thing to know is how to create one. The next section deals with this question in detail.

How to Create Intro Videos?

To create engaging intro videos, you can follow one of the two standard options:

  • Make use of a template
  • Begin from scratch

Many people have the misconception that using a template will result in repeated videos. But the fact is that by using a basic online video editor, you can customize any template and create unique videos. The advantage is that you can gain a head start in your endeavor. Here we will discuss how to create intro videos using a template. 

Step 1: Select an Intro Template for the Video

Start by selecting one of the templates available in your video editing library.

Step 2: Place the Intro Template on the Timeline

The next step is to drag the video intro template from the library and add it to the timeline.   

Step 3: Add a Sound Effect to the Video Intro

An appealing sound effect can give a boost to your intro video. To do that, select any suitable sound effects or background music. Then drag and place it on the audio track beneath the video to make it work.

Step 4: Customize the Intro Video

To help increase your brand recognition, incorporate your brand name, logo, brand color, text, and other identifying features of your business in the intro video. You can use special effects to make your intro more engaging and interactive,

Step 5: Add the Intro Video to the Library

To place your custom intro video in the library, select the ‘add to library’ option using right-click. Then create a folder for the intro and place it in that folder. You can now use this customized intro video as a template for your future videos.

In Conclusion

There’s no doubt that video has redefined the rules of online marketing and audience engagement. If you want to stay ahead in the race, you need to come up with compelling intros. So, go ahead and expand your business reach by creating intro videos that are short, to the point, and highly engaging. 

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