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Joopio Online Website Reviews

Is Joopio Legit has reviewed an e-commerce platform selling home utility products and presented its findings for online shoppers.

Are you an online shopper looking for utility furniture products for your home? These products help keep the important item in the right place and make space in the house for a different purpose. Joopio. Shop is an online store selling utility items for customers in Canada and the United States at affordable prices.

It is a new e-commerce platform, and before buying anything from this store, it’s important to check its legitimacy. This review has presented all the legit facts related to Joopio shop in its Is Joopio Legit write-up for online buyers.

Legitimacy Analysis of Joopio Shop:

This review section has all the legit facts related to Joopio for checking its legitimacy. The rising fraud cases in the digital retail space are the cause of worry for everyone, but it’s better to remain alert and avoid scam sites to experience hassle-free online shopping. 

The legit section will allow customers to know more about this site, and this will help them in their purchase making decision from Joopio Shop.

  • Domain age – Five months old (2nd September 2021)
  • Alexa Ranking – Alexa has given zero ranking to this site, indicating no traffic at all on this portal.
  • Trust score – Joopio Reviews found the trust score for this site to be 1 percent point, a low rating for a legitimate website.
  • Plagiarism – The content of this site is similar to a scam website and lacks originality.
  • Domain expiry – The domain expiry date for Joopio is 2nd September 2022.
  • Social media presence – This portal has social media icons of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube linked to its homepage. Still, it has no presence of its own on the social media platform.
  • Physical address – No information on its physical presence is available on the site.
  • Newsletter – Not Available.
  • Trust index – Is Joopio Legit found the trust index for this site to be 47.9 percent, a moderate rating for legit sites.
  • Owner detail – Not given on Joopio portal.
  • Customer Reviews – No customer review related to this site could be on the digital platform.

What is the Joopio Shop Website?

Joopio is an e-commerce platform selling utility products at affordable prices. Portal has a product mix of the bed frame, Dining set, computer desk, and gaming chair. These items have immense use in countries like Canada and United States due to people’s lifestyles.

Compared to other well-known online marketplaces, Is Joopio Legit found these items fairly priced. Products are mostly priced between $20-$80 and will save some money to consumers. 

Scam sites generally sell the product at a lesser price to trap customers; therefore, to further check the legitimacy of this store, let’s look at its specifications, pros, and cons in the upcoming section.

Specification of Joopio Shop:

  • Domain name –
  • Website address –
  • Products sold – Home utility items
  • Payment method –  PayPal payment gateway and Credit cards
  • Email address – [email protected]
  • Contact details – +8617175744726
  • Shipping policy – 7 to 15 days for delivery of the item.
  • Return policy –  30 days 
  • Physical address – Not Available
  • Newsletter – Not available

Is Joopio Legit found the following Pros for this Portal:

  • The shipping and return policy matches the standard practice followed by the well-known online store.
  • The products are cheaper compared to the same item sold on another competitive platform.
  • The email address and contact details will help customers in resolving their queries.
  • Most of the home utility products are available on this single platform which will help customers save a lot of time.

Cons of Joopio Shop Website:

  • Not many payment options are available to customers.
  • The low trust score raises suspicion about this site.
  • Lack of customer reviews does not instill confidence in new buyers.
  • Physical address and owner’s detail are missing.

What are Joopio Reviews?

Since this website is less than five months old, there are not many customer reviews related to this portal on the digital platform. 

Joopio has given no platform to its customers on its product detail page for customer reviews, making buying difficult for new customers.

No customer review related to its products could be found on public review sites.

People should remain away from scam sites, and to get detail on some of the PayPal scams, click here.

Final verdict:

Some details like less age and low trust score raise suspicion about this site; therefore, Is Joopio Legit advises customers to remain alert while dealing with it. 

These home utility products could be purchased from the known online marketplace by online shoppers.

Online customers can share their varied experiences in the comment section, and people looking for ways to get credit card refunds can get information here.

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