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Gaming Tips Loka Crypto Price Prediction

Loka Crypto Price Prediction detailed about League of Kingdoms game Token and predicted its price based on a similar technology niche.

The subscription for the Loka coin on the Binance blockchain ended yesterday, and it has been listed on the platform. Around 163385 people participated in the subscription process, and most of them were allotted the token. 

At the time of writing this article, the Loka coin was trading at $2.26 and had risen by .38 per cent in the last 24 hours. Crypto investors from Worldwide have taken part in this subscription and are looking forward to handsome gain from Loka. 

To know Loka Crypto Price Prediction, read this write-up till the end.

What is Loka Token?

Loka is an MMO based gaming currency from the famous game League of Kingdoms Arena and uses NFT for players within the gaming environment. 

It has partnered with Binance blockchain to launch its crypto into the market. It has a user base of around 400000, making it one of the leading gaming communities on blockchain technology. 

The gaming community and the use of virtual currency have allowed the gaming industry to take advantage of investor interest in crypto.

The launch of the current token is for governance and decision-making to take the game forward. Loka Coin Price Prediction is important for players and investors to appreciate their investment.

Who is the founder of Loka Coin?

The Loka coin was introduced by the League of Kingdom game owners in partnership with Polygon studios and the Binance Blockchain network.

Loka coin price, Market cap and Supply:

  • At present, the Loka price is trading at $2.48, a seven per cent increase in the last twenty-four hours. 
  • It is currently trading at its highest price and is expected to make more gains. 
  • It has a ranking of 527 on the crypto trading platform, with a market cap of $61.68 million.
  • Loka has a circulating supply of $25.10 million at present.

Loka Crypto Price Prediction 2025:

The Loka price can be predicted in various ways, but here we are taking the example of the technology niche and predicting its price. Based on the technology niche, it will have the below-mentioned price by 2025.

  • 2023 – $3.47
  • 2024 – $4.87
  • 2025 – $6.85

We have taken the conservative approach, but it may show more volatility in its price change.

How to buy Loka Cryptocurrency?

  • Open the Binance account and do the KYC
  • Connect your wallet and buy Binance Coin.
  • Swap desired number of Loka coins with given Binance.
  • Keep the Credited Loka coin in your wallet.

Loka Coin Price Prediction till 2028

Loka Price prediction depending on technology niche till 2028.

  • 2026 – $9.63
  • 2027 – $13.53
  • 2028 – $9.01

FAQs –

  • Which blockchain has launched the Loka coin?
  1. Binance crypto exchange
  • What is the market cap of Loka crypto?
  1. Its market cap at present is $61.68 million.

Final verdict:

Investing in Loka Crypto can benefit many investors as it has a working model with a big community. 

The price of this token may rise more than the prediction given above as those are based on broader metrics. 

 People can share their thoughts on this MMR gaming coin in the comment section of Loka Crypto Price Prediction.

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